Version Description


  1. Optimize grainy image issues;
  2. Improve the stability of recording function;
  3. Upgrade reticle types;
  4. Remove LRF box (change Meters/Yards);
  5. Zeroing “×” is now a “·”.


  1. Clear WiFi password when factory resetting;
  2. Remove LRF box;
  3. Automatically turn off recording 30s aftershooting;


  1. Optimize the video lag problem;
  2. Change the color of the reticle center;
  3. Disable the RAV function when the device is shut down or in standby mode to prevent video file corruption;
  4. Optimize the abnormal display issues of the recorded RAV;
  5. Change the digital zoom operation to 10 steps.


  1. Maintain contrast when switching color pattern and optimize red hot image effects;
  2. Optimize impact recording trigger conditions;
  3. Upgrade prompt content optimization;
  4. Optimize the out-of-sync problem between sound and video and improve video noise;
  5. Automatically stop recording when memory is full.


  1. Optimize the bug that the WiFi function may not be turned on;
  2. Optimize the stability of image transmission via WiFi;
  3. Optimize the problem of probabilistic color pattern switching when shooting.


  1. Fixed the problem of probabilistic display error of UI color palette;
  2. Image effect is more stable;
  3. Optimize reticle aiming accuracy at high magnification;
  4. Fix the problem that the APP displays the wrong WiFi name.