RIX Rocks the NRA Annual Meeting 2024 in Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX - The 2024 NRA Annual Meeting, held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, attracted firearm enthusiasts from across the nation. The three day event filled 14 acre exhibit hall and showcased the latest in weapons technology and gear from top manufacturers, creating an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm among attendees.

RIX Optics drew significant attention with its latest thermal imaging scopes, attracting visitors eager to see demonstrations and discuss the scopes' hunting applications. Retired Marine Ryan Rogers and retired Army soldier Brad Derting were present to answer questions and showcase RIX’s advanced technology


The meeting also featured the world debut of RIX Tactical, a new brand specializing in advanced night vision technology. Retired Army sniper Josh Cavalier showcased helmet-mounted night vision devices, including the RENV-B, which offers fusion night vision with thermal overlay. The RNV-31, however, emerged as the standout product, capturing the eye of many attendees. The meeting prompted the discussion of the practical applications of these technologies for night hunting, security, and law enforcement.

The NRA Annual Meeting proved to be a resounding success, blending business opportunities with a chance for direct engagement with our customers. For those in the firearms or outdoor industries, this annual gathering remains pivotal for showcasing innovations and connecting with our dedicated audience. The weekend highlighted the enduring passion for firearms, continuous industry innovation, and the widespread support for the Second Amendment among Americans.