RIX Texas-Based Customer Service and Repair

RIX understands that a rock-solid warranty is only as good as those supporting it, so we only hire the best to help you when you call customer service and repair.

We also decided to put our customer service and repair facility in the Richardson, Texas headquarters. By having our shipping and receiving, customer service/repair, and management in the same building, our customers are taken care of in record time.

Customer service and repair team works hard to repair RIX optics and scopes.

This centralized approach is one of the main reasons we have the turn-around time that we do. We want you to know that we aim to get your unit repaired and back to you within ten business days of receiving it.

Who does that? RIX Optics does! Our goal is complete customer satisfaction and to get you back to hunting as quickly as possible.

What is our warranty exactly? It has a five-year warranty on thermal devices and a three-year warranty on night vision and digital devices. Please read our warranty policy if you would like complete details on the RIX Optics warranty.

A Few of the Faces

Dalton Goodwin

Dalton Goodwin

Dalton is our customer service and repair supervisor. He has an extensive electrical background. He is also our resident 82nd Airborne Army veteran. While in the military, he was in night vision and weapons repair. These are all skills that RIX Optics is proud to have in-house. When Dalton is not working, he enjoys video games, working on cars, shooting with his night vision rig, collecting coins, and playing with the kids. At RIX, we take pride in hiring veterans and are lucky to have Dalton leading the customer service and repair team.

Mr. Lee

Mr. Lee

Mr. Lee is the senior engineer of our customer service and repair team. He brings to us over 30 years of electronics engineering expertise. He loves his work and is our resident mad scientist. If you happen to walk into his lab with food or drink, he will always ask you to leave. Guilty as charged🤭 He is an unbelievable chess player. Although many around here try to get him to play, he has no time for amateurs. He is also quite the chess coach; his son and daughter are great chess players and rank worldwide. He is quick with a smile and makes the break room fun for lunch.

Bryan Grissom

Bryan is our fearless new guy or FNG for short. He brings a long history of customer service to the team. Back office, front office, or on the phone with a customer, he can do it all. He works closely with Dalton and Mr. Lee to help answer your questions. He loves his job but has yet to buy us all coffee. Just saying. Bryan enjoys auto-cross, target shooting, and finding bizarre places to eat. He is a culinary adventurer and is also teaching the kids to be. Additionally, he is an online gamer. If you are, too, you probably have played against him.