Voice of users: Travis Alzate and his T20

I have been testing the RIX Optics T20 day/night scope for a bit. I ended up putting it on my Savage 22mag to plink around with. My first impression was that it’s built well and sturdy. The functions are easy to use and easy to get to. It didn’t take long to know what button or dial did what. It was easy to sight in and it held zero. I was ringing steel at 150yards easily. The day function is great and I can see this unit being a great day scope if you want to use it as one. Now I couldn’t pull video off of it and I believe it’s on my computer side where the problem lies.

Now for the things that I didn’t like. The IR that came with it is less than desirable for me. Before I go any further let me state this. My eyes have never been very good looking through any night vision scope. This is why I run Thermal. Now once we paired the T20 with a bigger and better IR light we was pleasantly surprised. Setting up next to a thermal with rangefinder we was identifying deer in two feet grass at 300 yards. The problem I had anything further and you couldn’t tell. While looking at the deer I could not see the cows another 100 yards behind them. Only with thermal did we know they was there. I would be very confident in recommending this optic to a person that wants to jump into the night game on a budget. I would say keep shots with in 150-200 yards just for the purpose of not being able to see much farther. Furthermore I was impressed with the build of this scope that I decided to purchase the Rix L3 thermal scope from a vendor for my personal use. I will be doing a video on the L3 soon for I have several hunts under the unit and I’m already more impressed with it than the other two thermals I’ve owned in the past.

Happy Hunting.
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